Emails and Speeches

Use these templates to craft your own CFC messages.


CFC Cause Testimonial 1

CFC Cause Testimonial 2

CFC Cause Testimonial 3

CFC Donor Testimonial 1

CFC Donor Testimonial 2

CFC Donor Testimonial 3

CFC Testimonial - Easy To Give Back

CFC Testimonial - Find A Cure

CFC Testimonial - Hope For Our Heroes

CFC Testimonial - Make An Impact

CFC Testimonial - Support Our Children

CFC Testimonial - Together As One


This script can be used to record an introduction to the 2018 Campaign Video.

Campaign Video Script 


Having a CFC event? Use one of these templates to provide some remarks for your speaker or MC. 

Kickoff Speech
File Mid-Campaign Speech
File Finale Speech


These memo templates can be used to help leaders send CFC messages at strategic points during the campaign.

Kickoff Memo
#GivingTuesday Memo
Finish Strong Memo
New Hire Memo


These email templates make it easy for Agency leadership or campaign workers to communicate about various aspects of the campaign.

Pre-campaign email
Pre-campaign email to Keyworkers
Kickoff announcement email
Kickoff event invitation email
Mid-campaign email
Key dates email
Charity fair invitation email
Holiday reminder email
Year end giving reminder email
Finish strong email 
Finish strong countdown email 
Thank you email 1
Thank you email 2
Awards ceremony invite email
Results announcement email
Volunteerism results announcement email
Campaign worker recognition email
Retiree email

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